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How Much Does Stamped Concrete Cost In Ontario?

There are many factors that affect the cost per square foot of your stamped concrete project. The most important factor is the complexity of the stamping and colouring. Other factors that will affect the price are; the size of the project, depth of excavation required, access to the area in question, complexity of the forming, concrete thickness and type of reinforcement. All prices quoted here assume 12”-16” deep excavation, adding 8”-12” of compacted GA for base prep, 4" thick concrete and wire mesh reinforcement.



Price Ranges Based On Stamping & Colour Complexity


Stamped Concrete: $18 - $48 per sq/ft


Basic Cost: $18 - $30  (one stamp and one colour).

Mid-Range Cost: $31 - $40  (border with two colours).

Premium Cost: $41 - $48+  (multiple stamp patterns, multi coloured by hand).

beige stamped concrete patio flagstoneblack stamped concrete walkway grey bordermuli coloured stamped concrete with step



Factors Affecting The Price of Stamped Concrete


Stamping and Colouring - The more time consuming the stamping process and / or the more workers that we need to accomplish the finish that you are looking for the more expensive the project will be. The most basic is using one stamp pattern with one colour and no border. The next step up in complexity is creating a border with a different colour and pattern than the main area of the slab. The most complex type of stamped finish is using three or more different stamp patterns and multiple different colours that have to be applied by hand to individual pieces.


Size - The larger the project the less it will cost per square foot due to economies of scale.


Excavation - The deeper the excavation the more expensive the project will be. We recommend to our Ottawa area clients to dig down at least 12” for a walkway and at least 18” for a driveway.


Access - The price will be affected based on how easily the area in question can be accesed by our machinery. Access is important for excavation as well as pouring the concrete. The best case scenario price wise is that we can use our larger digging equipment and have a short trip to load our dump truck. When we have limited access where we must use smaller equipment or hand tools for excavation and or have a long trip from a back yard to the dump truck the price will increase. Access can also be an issue for bringing the concrete to some areas and we may require a pump truck which would add some additional cost to the project.


Forming - Rounded curves, steps and level changes will add to the cost. The cheapest type of slab would be square and flat.


Concrete Thickness - The thicker the concrete the higher the price. The minimum thickness we recommend is 4” for a walkway and 6” for a driveway.


Reinforcement - The minimum reinforcement we recommend is welded wire mesh. Using rebar is a more effective type of reinforcement and is more expensive. The type of rebar and the amount of it can vary as well which of course would affect the price.